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Dish Network and DIRECTV in Las Vegas and Utah
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Frequently Asked Questions
Which is better, DISH Network or DIRECTV?

This is the most asked question we get.  And the answer is....BOTH.  DIRECTV and DISH Network have great technology and competitive pricing.  The difference really comes down to what you need such as a specific sports network, movie lineup and international channel.  Here are a few items to consider when choosing which system to buy:

  • Do I want access to all the NFL games?
  • Do I want to watch TV on my mobile device?
  • Is it important to be able to record my favorite TV shows so that I can watch them whenever I want?
  • How many TV's do I want to connect?

Our professionals will make sure you get your questions answered so you get the best programming at the best price.
Does it matter who sells me my new satellite tv system?

YES!  Satellite TV systems can be complex.  It's important to find a retailer that understands all the moving parts, especially when it comes to installing and setting up your new system.  We realized many years ago that pressuring people to buy a new tv system was NOT what we wanted to do.  That's why we don't go door-to-door or make unsolicited phone calls to push any product.  Our best advertising is done by our own customers.  

But most importantly, we realized that our customers wanted a reliable company to stand ready to help - even after your system is installed.  We don't cold call, but you can call us any time (we won't be leaving town like some fly-by-night companies looking for a quick sale).  We have showrooms where you can visit and take all the time you need to learn about satellite tv and ask all the questions you want.  Our sales staff is trained to always put the customer first.  We live where we work so that you will always have support for your system.
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Welcome to the Sky Technologies support page.  We understand that sometimes we all need a little help.  Whether you are trying to program your remote, reset your receiver, repoint your dish, or solve any other problem we're here to help.  Look through the FAQ's and support videos below for assistance.  If you don't find the answers you need please give us a call!  
Dish Installation
How do I program my DISH Network remote?
How do I program my DIRECTV remote?

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